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Information And Communication Technology

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Information and communication technology (ICT) is an indispensable part of the contemporary
world. In fact, culture and society have to be adjusted to meet the challenges of the knowledge
age. The pervasiveness of ICT has brought about rapid technological, social, political, and
economic transformation, which has eventuated in a network society organised around ICT.
The field of education has not been unaffected by the penetrating influence of information and
communication technology. Undoubtedly, ICT has impacted on the quality and quantity of
teaching, learning, and research in traditional and distance education institutions. In concrete
terms, ICT can enhance teaching and learning through its dynamic, interactive, and engaging
content; and it can provide real opportunities for individualised instruction. Information and
communication technology has the potential to accelerate, enrich, and deepen skills; motivate and
engage students in learning; helps to relate school experiences to work practices; helps to create
economic viability for tomorrow’s workers; contributes to radical changes in college; strengthens
teaching, and provides opportunities for connection between the college and the world . Information and communication technology can make the college more efficient and productive, thereby engendering a variety of tools to enhance and facilitate teachers’ professional activities .
ICT provides opportunities for colleges to communicate with one another through email, mailing lists, chat rooms, and so on. It also provides quicker and easier access to more extensive and current information, and it can be used to do complex mathematical and statistical calculations.

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The vision and mission of the department is to:
i) empower the youth with IT skills and prepare them for global competitiveness.
ii) integrate IT into the mainstream of education and training.
iii) establish new multifaceted IT institutions as centres of excellence to ensure
country’s competitiveness in international markets.

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Student NameYear
Md. Rashidul Haque2020
Md. Aminul Haque2020
Sanjida Afrin2019
Ali Asgor2018
Saiful Islam2017
Torsha Ahmed2017
Rokshana Haque2016

Faculty Member