Red Crescent Society

Red Crescent Society
The Red Cross idea was born in 1859, when Henry Dunant, a young Swiss from Geneva, came upon the scene of the bloody battle of Solferino in Northern Italy, fight between the armies of imperial Austria and the France-Sardinian alliance, about 40,000 laid dead or dying on the battlefield and the wounded were without medical attention. Henry Dunant organized nearby people of Castiglione and Solferino-travellers, priests, housewives, available to provide the wounded with food and First Aid. In 1862 he published the book A Memory of Solferino , in which he described the horror of the fight and condition of the thousands of wounded left without proper care. Dunant called for the creation of national relief societies, an idea which eventually led to the formation of the Red Cross.
Dunant’s appeal in his book was :- ” Would there not be some means, during a period of peace and calm, of forming Relief Societies whose object would be to have the wounded cared for in time of war by enthusiastic, devoted volunteers, fully qualified for the task ?”
To help promote these ideas, four citizens of Geneva – General Henri Guillaume Dufour, Dr. Louis Appia, Dr. Theodore Maunoir and Gustave Moymer- Joined Henry Dunant and set up first the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded, which was later renamed as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). In an conference held at Geneva where representatives from sixteen countries attended in October 1863. They adopted ten resolutions that formed the founding charter of the Red Cross, defining factions and working methods for the relief to the wounded. The Red Cross was then a reality.
The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society
The Bangladesh Red Cross Society was constituted on 31 March, 1973 by the President’s Order No.26 of 1973 with retrospective effect from the 16th December 1971. The Society was recognized by ICRC on 20 September, 1973 and admitted to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on 02 November, 1973. The name and emblem were changed from Red Cross to Red Crescent on 4th April 1988 vide Act 25 of 1988.

Youth Department
BDRCS has a separate Youth and Volunteers Department to organize and run the activities of RCY movement. In order to promote Red Crescent Youth movement and to accelerate its activities further, very recently Ministry of Education of the Govt. of Bangladesh has introduced Red Crescent Youth Movement in all secondary and higher secondary level institutions (6th to 12th grade) as co-curriculum. Now its has become imperative for all the education institutions to form a 53 members committee in each of the institutions to conduct youth movement activities for developing the skilled volunteers who will be capable to face any disaster situation as the associate of the Govt.This will improve the humanitarin activities of the youth and make them an agent for voluntary works.
Since the inception of the project, BDRCS has carried out RCY basic training, first aid training, health awareness training, orientation of HIV/AIDS, anti stigma campaign, establishing flower garden and book bank, organizing inter school games, organizing debate, painting and essay competition, improvement of sanitation facilities, support books and stationary materials to orphans and poor students etc in 50 schools of 05 selected branches in each year.