Our Co-curricular activities:
We offer a wide ranging co-curricular program to complement each student’s academic life and hold a strong belief that these activities are important in their overall holistic development.
All of our students are encouraged to be highly committed to their chosen co-curricular activities and are assured that their full involvement will be supported.
We look forward to seeing every student play a full and active part in the co-curricular life of the College.
GLORIOUS HISTORY: Bangladesh national cadet corps (BNCC) a student base organization .It was originated from university corps(UC) which was initiated by the British govt. in the year of 1920. In 1923 the UC was renamed as university training corps (UTC).In 1928 one UTC company named as 12dhaka company was raised in Dhaka university. After the independence from the British govt. the company was raised to a battalion strength in 1950 and renamed as university officers training corps (UOTC). Subsequently , the UOTC activities were extended to Chittagong and Rajshahi university. In 1966 the activities were further extended to some colleges in the name of junior cadet corps(JCC). The UOTC cadets took active part in the name of junior cadet corps(JCC). The UOTC cadets took active part in the great liberation ear of Bangladesh in 1971 where many of them embraced martyrdom which is remembered with pride by the all members of BNCC . After liberation the activities of UOTC continued as before. In 1976 the activities were further extended to different school in the name of Bangladesh cadet corps (BCC). Later on in 1979 the government of Bangladesh unified UOTC,JCC & BCC UNDER one banner and formed Bangladesh national cadet corps (BNCC).the objectives of forming BNCC was to induce the youth of the country who would devote themselves in nation building activities in peace time and from the second line defence force of the country during emergency.
AIM: The aim of the organization is to develop a system to achieve optimum national goal in all spheres of life by improving mental and physical qualities of the youth of the country. Trained and disciplined youngsters will form and create the core of peoples participation in national war effort presently this force is being organized as an effective territorial forces capable to augment the army effectively at war .
OBJECTIVES: Bangladesh national cadet corps has the following objectives to achieve :
a) To develop individual character, leadership qualities and sense of dedication to national service and comradeship in young men and women .
b) To provide military training to young men and women so as to stimulate their interest in the defence of the country.
c) To provide disciplined volunteer for national development programmes and during natural calamities.
d) To provide a second line of defence in the wake of external aggression .
e) To build up a reserve of potential leaders for various walks of national life including the armed forces.

Motto: BNCC Motto is Knowledge, Discipline and Unity
A. Military Training. The military training syllabus accomplishes elementary knowledge on following subjects:
• Drill
• Weapon training
• Field craft and physical training
• Organization
• Minor tactics
• Military history
• Military science
• Unconventional warfare
• Map reading ,First aid, hygiene and sanitation
• C0mmand and leadership.
• Annual Training Camp (ATC): Besides the above-mentioned training, the cadets learn comradeship, customs and etiquette, obedience, tolerance and above all discipline in the annual training camp. The training helps them to be more active, diligent and punctual. The annual training camp also breaks the monotony from studies. Debates, sports and cultural competitions are also arranged in annual training camps
• Central Training Camp (CTC): This training is planned at HQ level. Cadets and earmarked teachers from all the Regiments and the Wings take part in this training. A total of about 400 cadets take part. This Regiment is given the responsibility to conduct this trainig at Bipail( BNCC Academy ), Savar.
• Capsule Training Camp: To over-come short falls of the platoon level training, Capsule training is organized on an area basis under Battalionn responsibility. Cadets irrespective of their institutions are grouped together from platoons location in the camp area and a 7-10 days crush-trg (residential/nonresidential) programme is conducted under the strict supervision of Battalion Comdander and Adjutant.
• Winter Collective Training: BNCC cadets of senior division participate with the nearby Army Formation during their winter collective training for duration of two weeks.
• Other Types of Training: Leadership training, Unarmed combat training, Repelling, Sailing and Pulling course for the Naval cadets, Fire Fighting and Civil Defence course, Winter Collective Trg, Independent National Day Parade Trg, Advance Leadership Trg, First Aid Trg, Computer Trg, Small Arms Firing Trg, Band Platoon Trg etc.
• Other Activities: Besides receiving military and other types of training, the cadets are also involved in social work like serving distressed people and other nation building activities when it is required. The cadets observe various national and international days like International anti Narcotics Day, Ozone Day, Traffic Week, Hygiene and Sanitation Week, Cleanliness and Literacy Campaign etc. These activities are carried out in the form of rallies, motivation and staging cultural programmes that highlight the purpose. The cadets have participated in nation building and other social and national activities such as:
• Tree Plantation
• Blood donation
• Assisting fire fighting
• Disaster relief operation including rehabilitation
• Relief distribution,
Incentives to BNCC officers
Bangladesh territorial forces officer (BTFO), Professor under officer (PUO), teachers under officer (TUO) are the teaching stuff of school, colleges and universities who join BNCC voluntary . Following are the main incentives for the BTFO, PUO and TUO.
a) PUO and TUOS are commissioned as BTFO after certain training. A 2nd Lt BTFO has the prospect of promotion up to the rank of Lt col.
b) BTFO ,PUO and TUOs are given TA/DA and training allowances for their participation in any training.
c) BTFO get kit allowance from govt. Fund PUO and TUO s get honorarium from institutions in every month.
d) Presently one BTFO is being sent to visit India in every year as their state guest.
e) The have the opportunity to attend in adventure training with cadets.
Incentives for cadets
To motivate and employ in different areas ,quite good number of incentives are provided to the cadets. The major incentives provided to the cadets are as follows:
a) Bonus marks through military science subject : BNCC cadets of BA/BSS/BBS/bsc (Hon) and pass courses can appear in military science examination under national university. Marks obtained above 50 are considered as bonus marks. (as per section16 of the national university act 1992 )
b) Adventure training : Different institution with prior permission of HQ.BNCC arrange adventure training.
c) Study tour / picnic.
d) Abroad visit : Under the youth exchange programme between BAN-IND, BAN-SRI our cadets visits these two countries every year. It has started since 1983.
e) Training allowance : Besides the cadets get training allowances once they join in any training activities.
f) Daily allowance : other than training allowances, they also receive daily allowance while on any activities in BNCC.
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